Awarded creative based in Amsterdam with over 5 years of experience. Currently working as a freelance art director for agencies and brands. This site is a selection of recent projects I did for various agencies and brands.

When I'm not working, I like to do side projects, visit art galleries, get inspired by seeing the world, riding waves or supporting my favorite soccer team Ajax Amsterdam.

Check availability at: hi@stefanapswoude.nl or call +31 6 25 296 999

6x ADCN 3x bronze, 3x nominated
5x SAN Accent 2x Winner, 3x nominated
5x Young Dutch Creatives 3x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze
4x One Show 4x shortlist
3x D&AD 2x silver, 1x bronze
3x The Best Social Awards 2x winner, 1x nominated
2x Spinawards 1x Gold, 1x Silver
2x Goudenzaag (Best Dutch Young Talent) 2x shortlist
2x Awesome Foundation Amsterdam 2x winner  
1x Esprix 1x silver
1x Google Young Innovator Award 1x gold
1x AKQA Future Lions 1x shortlist
1x Clio Awards 1x shortlist
1x Chip Shop Award  1x silver

Cannes Young Lions Competition: Category Cyber