Stefan Apswoude is an awarded creative in Amsterdam. With over 9 years of experience he was lucky enough to turn a boring safety measure into a desired fashion-item, remind drivers to stay sober, designed the 'wurst' soccer-kit in the world and created a functional product for the most windy event of the Netherlands.

When he's not working, he likes to do
side projects, visit art galleries, get inspired by travelling the world or riding waves

Get in touch:
+31(0)6 25 296 999

All the work would never have happened without the help of a lot of talented people. ❤️



3x ADCN - Bronze
2x ADCN - Nominated
1x Spin Awards - Gold
1x Spin Awards - Silver
2x SAN Accent - Winner
2x SAN Accent - Nominated
1x Esprix Awards - Silver
2x The Best Social Awards - Winner
1x The Best Social Awards - Nominated
3x Gouden Loekie - Quarter finalist

1x Freshcotton Design Contest - Winner
2x Awesome Foundation - Winner

Student Awards

2x D&AD - Graphite pencil
1x D&AD - Wood pencil 
1x ADCN - Nominated
1x Young Innovator Award Google - Winner
3x Jongehonden - Gold
1x Jongehonden - Silver
1x Jongehonden - Bronze
4x The One Show - Nominated
1x Clio Awards - Nominated
1x AKQA Future Lions - Nominated
2x Gouden Zaag - Nominated
1x Chip Shop Awards - Silver



Metro, The Sun, BBC, Mirror, Vice, SBS 6, RTL Boulevard, Editie NL, NOS Journaal, Radio 538 and many more.

Clients, Pathé, Rijksoverheid, McDonald's, Kieskeurig, HECK, Chupa Chups, Lay's, Danone, Fruittella, Kornuit Bier, KING, Frituur de Helling, Bont voor dieren.


DEPT®, Amsterdam (current)
Fitzroy, Amsterdam
Roorda Reclamebureau, Amsterdam
Being There, Amsterdam

TBWA Neboko, Amsterdam (Intern)

Freelance Experience

Hearts and Minds, Global Team Blue, Grey London, Mortierbrigade, Tosti Creative, Blauw Gras, Bonka Circus, RIDE, Code d’Azur, Fitzroy, Dorst & Lesser, Quiet Storm London, Steam, Nowsy, Fel, Somention, Dept, UM Studio’s, Chase Amsterdam, WINK, ACE Group, N=5, Roorda Reclamebureau, GoSpooky, Alfred International, DentsuAchtung!, 180Kingsday, and CooksCrossover.